Game Over?

21 June 2013

SpiriFest was established ‘to play the festival game’.

And play, we did. Together with the energy and passion of our speakers, teachers, musicians and our partners Mojo Concerts, Ekoplaza and Rituals, we have created a new festival: Inspire.

Our website attracts tens of thousands visitors per month who spend a lot of time there and we are well ‘liked’ on Face book. It is good to see that many are indeed curious.We are ready to ‘go live’ and already dreaming of fairytale like festival nights.

There is only one small problem:

we are not selling enough tickets.We believe that we have done everything within our power to invite, seduce and encourage people to come to our festival. We have allowed as much time as possible for ‘the miracle’ to happen and we have explored many other possibilities to make the festival happen. However:

Because we are not able to guarantee those, who already bought their tickets, a good festival experience, there is no other option than to postpone the festival indefinitely.

We said ‘postpone’ instead of ‘cancel’.

Because we believe in the importance of self-knowledge to complement and balance the rapid scientific and technological advancement.
Most take the first steps on this path only when there is a personal crisis and there seems to be no other way forward. We hope that one day soon the exploration of self-knowledge will become part of a new lifestyle, as accepted as the practice of science and that its discoveries are shared in celebration.

When you reach a point where you realize that the outcome of actions is no longer relevant, when it is just about ‘doing the right thing’, we begin to see that Inspire has been a journey that brought us many insights. We are proud to have (almost) created this festival together with you.

We would like to specially thank Michael Rapino, ceo of Live Nation, for his unconditional support.

All ticket buyers will automatically receive a complete refund for their purchased tickets. For other questions, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to info@inspirefestival.nl.

With kind regards, on behalf of SpiriFest,

The Inspire Team

Disillusion is the road to enlightenment
March directly into disappointment

- Trungpa Rinpoche (with thanks to Dorrit Toftekaer)